VideoMost germination in local governments in Japan


SPIRIT DSP, business communications software engines provider, with software products serving more than 1 billion people in 100+ countries, announced Hatsukaichi city of Hiroshima Prefecture uses VideoMost-based videoconferencing product FreshVoice delivered by Tokyo-based Advanced Network Systems Co (Anet).

Administration of Hatsukaichi city has adopted the successful experience of a range of prominent Japanese business and governmental customers such as Daishi Bank,JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy,  Asahi KohsanNuclear Safety Technology CenterKyowakai MedicalGoodwin Co., Ltd that has already been used VideoMost-based FreshVoice for corporate video communications, collaboration and efficient team work.

Being deployed on-premise video conferencing software keeps all secure-sensitive information inside the government agencies no matter local or federal. Self-hosted video conferencing servers are controlled and administered by authorized users only so no data leakage possible. As well as no hacker attacks can be passed over.  

VideoMost-based secure video communication apps like FreshVoice by Anet is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With consistent and reliable high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, government departments and agencies can reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance internal collaboration, and extend citizen services.

New opportunities VideoMost video conferences and collaboration tools open for officials:

  • Secure inter-department communication and collaboration 
  • Stay in touch with citizens, connect with live chat, get feedback
  • Shift to quick video meetings anywhere instead of rooms in a certain location
  • Keep government services working despite public holidays
  • React promptly to emergencies, create shared workspace
  • Collaborate internationally with counterparts across other governments 


SPIRIT DSP’s innovative carrier-grade voice and video software platforms are exported and licensed across the globe to governments and corporate, carrier, OEMs customers, as well as to software developers. SPIRIT DSP software platforms serve more than 1 billion people in over 100 countries. SPIRIT DSP’s software has been licensed by Apple, Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Avaya, Blizzard, BroadSoft, BT, China Mobile, Daishi Bank of Japan, Dialogic, Ericsson, Ho Chi Minh City, HP, HTC, Huawei, Japan Meteorological Agency, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, Japan Nuclear Safety Technology Center, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG U+, Mavenir, Mitel, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Reliance, Samsung, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Viber, Vietnam Ministry of Defence, ZTE and over 250 others.

SPIRIT product VideoMost is enterprise-grade software video conferencing server that is like Zoom, but self-hosted and available for licensing at a fraction of competitors cloud prices and allows group video calling with mobile messaging and content sharing. VideoMost supports 300 video participants in a conference room with extensive collaboration tools, including docs and screen sharing, whiteboard, mobile messenger, polls and more.
TeamSpirit IM is its enterprise mobile messenger product available for licensing in source code.


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