Team Spirit Instant Messenger

Get self-hosted video messenger for your branded mobile app
Team Spirit Instant Messenger
Team Spirit Instant Messenger

Cloud IM services are popular but not secure, especially when it comes to corporate data. To make your brand and customer relations stronger and safer have a self-hosted messenger under your brand. Iintegrate TeamSpirit messaging platform into your existing branded mobile app.

TeamSpirit server is based on Linux and is easy to deploy and operate.

TeamSpirit features include text messaging, securely sharing documents, files and media content, sending contacts and location, and more. TeamSpirit server is hosted by yourself, under your own brand and your complete control.

TeamSpirit seamlessly integrates with the VideoMost SDK to support group video calls with up to 100 people in a room.

TeamSpirit IM is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every mobile app. Licensees may modify the IM source code and include it into products/apps. TeamSpirit IM is not a cloud service, the license includes source code for the backend as well.

SPIRIT’s white-label TeamSpirit IM is licensed to service providers:

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