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General information about the VideoMost system. Requirements to the software and the hardware.
The roles and the rights of meeting participants. Types of users in the VideoMost system.
Interfaces provided by the system for registration and authorization of conference participants. Necessary steps for entering the system.
Different ways of entering a meeting. Data needed for entering a meeting.
The interface of a meeting participants. Options provided to the participant during the meeting.
Types of moderation: moderation of a single participant and group moderation. Additional moderation settings in the Control Panel.
Additional user settings available via the Personal Cabinet tabs. Setting personal data, the address book and meeting options.
The VideoMost application for mobile devices provides you with convenient mobile videoconferencing interface.
Types of meetings: a scheduled meeting and an instant meeting. Different ways of scheduling a meeting. Settings for scheduled meetings.
Different ways of inviting participants to a meeting. Data needed by the meeting host for inviting participants.