Creating polls

During the conference, the moderator can create a poll for its participants. This poll exists while the conference is

Creating a poll by the moderator

The moderator creates a poll as follows:
- In the Toolbar, click the Tools button and select Poll. The system opens a polling window.
- Click the Add poll button. The system opens a form for creating a new poll:
- Enter a question in the Enter a question text box.
- Choose one of the options:
- One choice poll: When this option is selected, only one option can be selected for the answer;
- Multiple choice poll: When this option is selected, multiple choices can be selected for an answer;
- Rating poll: When this option is selected, a value from 0 to 10 can be selected for the answer in
addition to the choice.
- Add answer choices by clicking the Add answer choices button. To delete a reply, click the button.
- After creating a poll, click on one of the buttons:
- Then select one of the options by clicking the corresponding button:
- Save and start: The poll will start and will be available for all users in the "Poll" tab.
- Save: The poll will be saved, but won't be visible to the participants.
- Cancel: Cancel creating a poll.
An active poll looks for the poll creator like this:
The vote creator can do the following:
- answer the question (Answer button);
- edit the survey (the Edit button);
- delete a poll (the Delete button);
- end the poll (the End polling button).
After selecting the necessary option and clicking the Vote button, the system will display the message "Your vote is
To end the poll and see its results, click the End polling button. The system will end the polling and show the result
of the poll:
To restart the survey, click Restart poll.

How the poll lookss for a participants

For a participant the poll looks in the following way:

A participant can only vote by selecting a variant and clicking the Vote button: