Recording an instant meeting 

An instant meeting can be recorded on video. This feature is only available for certain tariffs. To record a meeting,
follow these steps:
On the VideoMost start page, click the Schedule a Meeting button:
You will join the meeting.
In the Meeting Window click Participants, and in the side window that opens, click the More button. In the menu,
select Start record conference. To stop recording, open the same menu and click Stop record conference:
After stopping the recording leave the meeting by clicking the Leave button.
In the start window open the account menu and select My conferences.
In the My conferences tab, find the meeting you need and click the  button.
The list of recorded videos of this meetings opens:
The video is recorded in the .mkv format. The file name is generated automatically in the following format:
confrec-<meeting_ID >-<date_and_time>.mkv
Click the file name to download it to your computer.