VideoMost and legacy HW video conferencing systems integration

When a company operates internationally and has several branches across the country and abroad it requires a reliable self-hosted UC platform to communicate with employees, customers and business partners. Usually such businesses have already deployed HW MCU (Poly, Cisco, Huawei etc.) and H.323/SIP endpoints for traditional video collaboration. But at the same time many of them are currently forced to abandon their hardware MCU due to its frequent crash failures, complex maintenance and lack of flexibility. And the main challenge is to find an alternative video conferencing solution compatible with existing pool of SIP/H.323 endpoints, as the company intended to continue using the devices in their conference rooms.

VideoMost is a business-grade software video conferencing server with clients on PC and mobile. VideoMost provides seamless integration with third-party video conferencing endpoints deployed by the company before. VideoMost also provides high scalability, which makes it possible for the company of any size to increase the capacity of the server and add or remove users on demand without the need to purchase any additional equipment. VideoMost software server deployed on-premise is a secure alternative to cloud services. All corporate information is safely stored on the company’s server, while the administrators gain full control over their communications and sensitive data.

VideoMost offers cross platform client applications (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) along with easy H.323/SIP integration that make it easy to adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, as employees can join the meetings from laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as from HW terminals. VideoMost has familiar UI and set of tools, including content sharing, slideshow, file exchange, messaging, conference recording and more, which are must have for productive team collaboration.

Use VideoMost to deploy enterprise-grade unified communications system and connected existing pool of SIP/H.323 endpoints to your video conferencing network. VideoMost Server successfully replaces hardware MCU and enabled great resilience and scalability. All the companies’ employees and partners get access to high quality video conferences in their meeting rooms to collaborate more efficiently.