VideoMost for enterprise video conferences

VideoMost is a UC platform built for businesses of all sizes and industries. VideoMost easy to use meeting experience is available on PC (web and desktop) and mobile devices so that every employee can start or join a video conference anywhere, anytime. With the enterprise-grade HD audio and video quality, messenger and set of collaboration tools VideoMost turns online corporate communications to a virtual space where teams meet, connect, collaborate easily, securely and reliably.

Dedicated for enterprises' external and internal communications

By leveraging VideoMost software video conferences, businesses improve their communication and relationship with suppliers and vendors. Video communications and collaboration tools are extremely effective and already must-have at enabling businesses to engage with all their business partners. The result is a vastly streamlined supply chain that gathers everyone in the same online platform. Ultimately, it decreases the time it takes to get products the market.

VideoMost empowers business to be agile and productive, no matter where it's workers are located.

Management can leverage VideoMost to stay in touch with the workforce and actively participate in product development cycles, particularly in tracking and reporting. Instant, on demand video meet ups to ensure everything is running smoothly are as easy as 1-click. All of which can be done remotely without needing to spend time and money on traveling to production locations.

VideoMost empowers business to be agile and productive, no matter where it's workers are located.

VideoMost provides video collaboration that enhances teams' collective intellegence:

  • Easy-to-use: no trainings and boring user manuals studying required beforehand
  • Premium quality at affordable prices: complete, self-hosted and fully-featured enterprise communication platform at a fraction of the competitors’ price
  • True enterprise collaboration: screen sharing, slide show, whiteboard, file exchange, chat, surveys, and more to increase working teams productivity
  • Meet anywhere: start and join meetings wherever you are with VideoMost web, desktop or mobile apps equally good in any network and at any user terminal
  • Record and store meetings: record and share access to worth viewing video conferences, no one would miss a meeting
Find out how to Strengthen Internal Corporate Communication with video conferences

Feel safe about meeting security with self-hosed video conferencing server

VideoMost server is installed on-premise to keep your employees connected and business protected. VideoMost server can be deployed into current corporate infrastructure and integrated with existing technology to optimize video conferencing capabilities across hardware and software platforms already used in the company.

On-premise server installation means self-managed solution that gives your IT team total control of managing your enterprise communication network. You retain full ownership of your data - no one can’t view or access it from outside. Software updates are available to you as soon as they’re ready.

Interoperability and compatibility

With VideoMost you can enjoy compatibility with the most common SIP or H. 323 hardware devices and connect to VideoMost video conferences with Poly, Cisco, Huawei etc. systems. All SIP/H.323 users can participate, view videos and data shared during the meeting.

Use VideoMost to restore value to your past investments into hardware-based communication infrastructure.

Deployment options to suit your size and the goals of your business

Whether you are ready to move your entire infrastructure to the cloud or want to move at your own pace, VideoMost Server can be deployed to suit your company’s current and future needs.

Choose to host the Video Most either:

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