VideoMost video conferences for telecom operators and service providers

VideoMost is a white-label video conferencing solution to build a highly scalable video conferencing platform that runs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS without the worry of handling complex codings.

VideoMost-based apps and services enables to host large scale meetings, webinars, seminars and many more cases to connect remote teams and professionals from any part of the world. The highest glitch-free video quality and team collaboration experience for users from any video-enabled device is guaranteed.

Use VideoMost to kick-start the development of a video conferencing app under your brand:

  • Backend Development – VideoMost Server is a complete and scalable platform to run your app on.
  • UI Design – Offer your subscribers an appealing and intuitive UI. VideoMost has Zoom-like interface that is already familiar to million users all over the world.
  • iOS and Android Compatibility – To reach target market, video conferencing app must support both iOS and Android devices. VideoMost do support both.

Effective & basic features VideoMost-powered apps and services include:

  • Group video calls and dial-in access up to 100+ participants (or devices)
  • Screen sharing, specific app sharing on Web and Mobile applications
  • Whiteboard to enable remote brainstorming session.
  • In-meeting group and private chat while conferencing or video call with remote teams.
  • Recording of video conference calls or audio conferences for later reviews.
  • Multiple conferencing formats such as one-to-one video calls, one-to-many participants.
  • Different video layouts to leverage the collaboration.
  • Video broadcasting to million viewers distributed geographically

Highlights of VideoMost Server and clients software:

  • Android, iOS & Web clients
  • HD voice and video quality on any device on WiFi/LTE
  • Sophisticated video quality adaptation to network impairments
  • Scalable media server
  • Load balancing (to handle thousands of simultaneous videoconferences)
  • Signaling (XMPP, SIP, H.323)
  • STUN/ICE/TURN Server
  • Supports UDP, TCP, HTTP as media transport

Get more profit while minimizing investments and complexity

VideoMost is offered for white-label licensing that lets service and SaaS providers and developers to immediately offer videoconferencing services under their brands. VideoMost is a software platform to increase margin with zero OPEX for telecom operators and service providers.

Having an own video conferencing service telecom operators are able to keep pricing policy under their control. Despite the initial launch of such service doesn’t mean extra expenses for users a telco may offer subscribers different tariffs starting from free IP video calls to attractive prices for SMB and big enterprises and corporations that include a certain range of add-on features.