VideoMost for Situation Awareness Centers

Continuous video monitoring enhances situational awareness and improves multi-agency collaboration, resulting in stronger decision-making and more informed response.

Completely scalable VideoMost for Situation Awareness Centers can be deployed widely from single-operator stations to critical, enterprise level facilities. The solution can also be leveraged across multiple sites in different locations, such as a local emergency operations center and a law enforcement organization.

Video-enabled Situation Awareness Center

  • Local monitoring to improve situational awareness for every object
  • Ongoing video interaction with remote objects
  • Crisis management in real-time
  • Response time improvement
  • Dedicated services coordination
  • Fast decision making through visualization

In urgent cases response requires extensive planning and training, expert triage, real-time assessment and interoperable communications. All responding agencies must be able to communicate and coordinate services quickly and effectively in order to protect the community and its citizens.

Situational Awareness Centers integrated with VideoMost is the way to connect over voice and video all agencies (multiple devices and locations) in the planning process and reduce logistics and travel burdens while enabling more frequent meetings with increased attendance.

With VideoMost, collaborating agencies can share relevant data in real-time. Agencies and experts can provide remote video support from any location, increasing the ability to coordinate vital emergency services and respond quickly and effectively.

VideoMost integrated in SA allows to:

  • View data from remote video cameras
  • Integrated interactive video communication and video surveillance
  • Link experts in the conference via landline or mobile phones
  • Escalate discussion to senior manager connected via SIP/H323 from hardware terminal
  • Broadcast videos from remote objects to video walls
  • Make video calls on low bandwidth connections
  • Share screens while ensuring the privacy & security of confidential data


VideoMost as a video monitoring and conferencing tool for Russian Railways Situation Center

TASK: creating a situation center system that would continuously monitor all RZhD facilities and help to handle all emergency situations

  • Russian Railways, 1 million employees
  • VideoMost on 300 railway stations
  • Thousands of surveillance cameras

Data fusion in real time