VideoMost receives high rates in G2 Spring 2022 Grid for Video Conferencing

VideoMost receives high rates in G2 Spring 2022 Grid for Video Conferencing

We’re excited to announce that SPIRIT DSP’s software product for video conferencing and unified communications VideoMost has been included in G2 Spring 2022 Grid® Report for Video Conferencing.  G2 is the organic peer review site and through the voice of the customers, VideoMost has been recognized as one of the “High performer” software to be used for video meetings and corporate communications. 

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. More than 60 million people each year visit to read and write authentic reviews about more than 100,000 software products and professional services.


According to actual feedback on G2 platform, 93% of the VideoMost users have rated it 4 or 5-stars. Several VideoMost features get the score “above average” including screen sharing,  scheduling, etc. Users also appreciate “ease of use” and “quality of support” provided by VideoMost - this is a cumulative customer satisfaction score from all product reviewers on G2.

VideoMost is like Zoom but self-hosted video conferencing software that keeps all secure-sensitive information inside your organization, not in the cloud. On-premise video conferencing servers are controlled by authorized admins only. 

With VideoMost users enjoy compatibility with both WebRTC and popular SIP/BFCP and H.323/H.239 hardware terminals and MCUs (Poly, Cisco, Avaya, etc.) All SIP/H.323 users can video participate and share screens and documents during a meeting.

VideoMost is also available as SDK to power group video communication apps that are easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With consistent and reliable high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, all users can reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance collaboration.


SPIRIT DSP’s innovative carrier-grade voice and video software engines are licensed across the globe to service providers and software developers. SPIRIT DSP software products serve more than 1 billion people in over 100 countries. SPIRIT DSP’s software has been licensed by Apple, Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Avaya, Blizzard, BroadSoft, BT, China Mobile, Dialogic, Ericsson, Jio, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG U+, Mavenir, Mitel, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Poly, Samsung, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Viber, ZTE and over 250 others.

SPIRIT product VideoMost is enterprise-grade software video conferencing server that is like Zoom, but self-hosted, available for licensing at a fraction of competitors cloud prices and allowing group video calling with mobile messaging and content sharing. VideoMost supports 300 video participants in a conference room with extensive collaboration tools, including docs and screen sharing, whiteboard, mobile messenger, polls and more.
TeamSpirit IM is its mobile messenger product available for licensing in source code, from UI to backend.


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VideoMost Server
Enterprise video conferencing with mobile messaging and content sharing
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Complete set of media processing technologies, signaling / transport protocols and collaboration tools to enable mobile group video calls inside your app